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Bev Blashill '76
Residing In Tucson, AZ USA
Spouse/Partner James Jutry
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Occupation Taught at College of Medicine at UofA, ran free clinic for refugees, Clinical Researcher, Biology Teacher at Desert View and of course many volunteer jobs like Flying Samaritans as a health care worker and translator. Jane of all trades, Master of none.
Children Joseph Louis Blashill Tocci (murdered in 2011) but lives in my heart.
Brett Daniel Blashill Tocci More…age 20
Yes! Attending Reunion

Looking forward to seeing friends and teachers! We need to contact them, I am still close to Mr. Brooks and Jim MacIntosh.

I have traveled a lot, teaching English in Spain and followed the Rolling Stones throughout Europe for $10 a ticket in most venues after the horrible death of my youngest brother Brian, class of '82. It really helped heal my broken heart. Worked as a maid in Austria, picked grapes in Portugal, and bartended in Paris. Had my brother not died, I would have 'followed the rules'. I had to make my own. Single mom for seven years after a 'what was I thinking?' marriage...then a couple years later met up with my college sweetheart. He took in the whole family. (Now that is a REAL man).

Also, when remarried, my family went to Nicaragua to see my Nica family. It was a blast and everyone was safe and it was great to they all survived. The family had gone through 2 earthquakes, 2 major hurricanes and 2 horrible wars. My own mom had died that year 2007, so I was very happy to see my Nica mom. Heather Stilb and I worked in the same village a month apart. If anyone sees or hears from her, tell her Jose, Nelly and our family are well...

Then had the perfect 'storm'...had a massive epi/subdural TBI due to a GMS out of the blue, BrCa, family issues, seizures and the murder of my son all in 4 years. As much as I want to I haven't been able to work due to memory issues and slight dyslexia as well as PTSD an but still trying to volunteer.
Still love the Stones! They were and always be my Emotional Rescue as I have my 10th nervous breakdown. Trying to keep up my therapy, Jim has been there every step of the way. Thanks to Gabby Giffords encouraging me to sing, I now sing in two bands and do some solos all for free (who knew I could do that?). Helps the brain get back my speech. Fun times, sing in Spanish, Sanskrit and English. Life is up and down but I am really strong and never give up.

School Story

I was a complete nerd, loved Science (who wouldn't with Mr. Brooks?) , Math and English classes. I was an All- American swimmer (even made Swimmer's World magazine) and had a record that held for almost 15 years , did gymnasts, on track team, even did football with the girls team (thank you Liz Tritz for the block to help me catch the ball).... and I LOVED school. I loved (almost) all my teachers and though I was shy, when involved with Amigos de las Americas I came out of my shell and was proud at what I had done (over 4k shots in Latin America against measles, polio and DPT). Sra Acosta was the most amazing Spanish teacher EVER, I knew what to say instead of 'Donde esta' la biblioteca while in the middle of the the jungles of Central America! While I saw people who worried about their weight or their 'cool guys', or hair, make up, nails, outfits, I was pretty much in reverse culture shock. I made my own clothes, never wore makeup and was happy about that.I hung out with amazing people...Andy Baker, Louis Porcelli (my son's Godson), Tad Clements, Janice Comerci (who got me into Amigos) and so many other amazing friends. I really hope to see you all there! Lisa Hersh, Connie Friedman, Cheri Tuttle, Lisa Windthorse, Liz Tritz, Heather Stilb, Mike Fuchs, Kevin Chess, John McRostie, Cordell Secreist, Roy Couser, Brad Baur, Chris Meade, all the people who made me laugh, broke my heart, I broke theirs, and all helped me grow. Katy Swaim, Meg Barnhill, Marianne Banes, and so many from Indian Ridge you made me who I am. And of COURSE Curtis and Nate...nothing can describe their friendship with is like I am on the equator and they are from both poles. Too many to mention. I am glad I was a nerd and a late bloomer. The people who were so popular and pretty never had to work hard on their personality. I found mine working with Amigos and Refugees. I found my strength losing my best friends, my son, my mom and my brothers and going through a divorce. Life is good now...but I know and I am SO much stronger (can you tell I am Irish, nothing killed me!) but know it could change on a dime. It did for me. Can't wait to see you all. By the way, all the mean things people said about me is totally forgiven, Bali was my transition to the real meaning of life...compassion... as was so much traveling and meeting really famous amazing people (yes, I am friends with Gabby and met Obama (brilliant man), Yo Yo Ma (so kind but I thought he was a waiter at first) , Micky Hart (Grateful Dead) Walter Cronkite (at 92). Danced on the stage with Tito Puente and the English Beat and met and many crazy 'make up wearing men in DC' when I was working on the TVRA bill....Trying to avoid unhappiness does not BRING happiness. Oh yeah, and some funny things...I have two screws loose (we already knew that) from my brain plate, I am literally the only person who you could probably say I was 'Up shit creek without a paddle, when I dropped mine in Kaka Krike in Nicaragua', I was poisoned by a dictator and lived to tell about it (Somoza). Life has been my Celtic Irish heritage and I am so strong because of it. You all played a part in it. Thank you....

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Aug 20, 2016 at 5:13 PM

Happy Birthday Ellette! Just wanted you to know Greg Farmer says hi. Saw him last winter and he is doing/looking great. Hope you have a wonderful day and when in Tucson stop by the Ridge. I moved back in '92 and the pool is still there, better than ever! We still kicked butt in the records though, I don't think anyone beat our relays...

Aug 17, 2016 at 2:23 PM

Happy Happy Birthday Marianne! One of the Fab 7 in the class of '75 being one of the 4.0 Valedictorian Alum. You are still brilliant and still make the best food in Tucson. So glad to have you as my friend. My husband was at Kingfisher yesterday, saw you and heard you mention the pecan pie. Poor guy can't eat sugar anymore...couldn't even show his head to you because he knew he would cave! Hope you have a great day! Much love, Beverly Blashill

Aug 09, 2016 at 1:04 PM

Am in a new band called Touch of Grey. We play at Monterrey Court on Oct 6th if anyone would like to come see us play 'our music' that we had in High School! Come one come cover, just fun 7-10 pm

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Jun 11, 2016 at 4:11 PM

Curtis!!!! I need to contact Jim Everett! Critical! I dated his room mate briefly and he told me that he is now the Dhali Lamas right hand guy. His Holiness is coming to Huntington next week at the Vietnamese Center and I need his contact. Thank buddy!

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Oct 03, 2015 at 12:19 AM

dang our parents were sure busy back in the late 50s with all these birthdays, New Year's Eve must have been quite a party :)

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Happy Birthday to the best pastries chef in the world! Can't wait to see you.

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Aug 13, 2015 at 8:33 PM

Nancy was so kind. She will be sorely missed. She was treated badly by a so called teacher once and I thought it SO unfair. I always liked her though she didn't know me very well. RIP Nancy....

Aug 13, 2015 at 2:54 PM

Oh Robert, I am so sad. You were so kind. Many condolences to your family.

Aug 13, 2015 at 2:51 PM

Mr. Brooks has ALWAYS been my mentor. NO ONE influenced me more in HS than him. Whether it had been 'boyfriend issues in high school, my fears, his faith in my running (Curtis you described him to a tee!). Fast forward 10 years I was a Biology teacher because of him, the other teachers were mad because I loved doing experiments and gasp! I talked about AIDS because my friends were dying. By 3rd period at Desert View I was summoned to the Principal (whom I liked, Carl Brunenkant). He was a good man but said 'Bev what ARE you doing???' I swallowed and said bravely 'I am talking about a bacteria and viruses and I don't want these kids (who where very active but I didn't say that to Carl) NOT to understand this material. I am trying to PREVENT anymore deaths.' He got the message albeit the parents were mad as they thought their kids were not active. yeah right. But I had to teach BIOLOGY. Then as a single mom, I contacted Mr. Brooks once (after a basketball game walking on 6th Ave) for advice, he gave me faith. I ended up at the UofA as a Researcher then a teacher at the College of Medicine for our free clinic for refugees (we have them in Tucson, maybe not Boulder). I stayed in touch with Mr. Brooks, especially after my amazing 2nd marriage, introduced my son to him, my Aunt to he and Carol and to this day truly they both are some of the most inspirational people in my life. As is Jim McIntosh, who helped me get the job of my life...working with refugees and torture survivors. So is Sra Acosta, now Sra Rielly as her hard Spanish classes helped me in Amigos and getting jobs. Now I even sing in Spanish and it helped after my head injury, for I could speak Spanish fine, English was hard. I could go on. But what great teachers we had in life!

Aug 03, 2015 at 11:38 AM

Can't wait to see the 'smart class' at Sabino! There were just a few in '76. So glad you and Tad are docs in is your brother who worked on my late son for his horrible tonsils. When they told me he was going to be the controlling the meds, I knew he would be fine. Your kids are the same age as mine but I did lose Joey (born in '90 by murder, it was awful) and my youngest was born in '94 studying to be an EMT or nurse. Girlfriend he has is going to be a sonogram tech. That should help him be more motivated! Glad I get to see you!
Bev Blashill Jutry

Posted: Feb 11, 2016 at 2:34 PM